Personal Loan Up to € 5,000

Need money urgently? In this article we will show you the main alternatives to finance your immediate liquidity needs for low amounts and raise some issues so that you make the best decision for your particular case. Keep in mind the need to make responsible credit. for further clarification

Do You Even Need Money In The Instant?

When unexpected expenses arise we may run the risk of panicking. We quickly look for alternatives and make less-thought-out decisions. At this stage you should ask yourself if you even need the money right away or you can wait a little. Perhaps this need is not as immediate as you think.

Are There Credit Alternatives?

Are There Credit Alternatives?

A second question is to ask if you have alternatives to credit. Sometimes lower amounts can be met by loans from a close family member. Or for some savings you have though.

Different Types of Low Amount Credit

Different Types of Low Amount Credit

To choose the best credit for your current situation you should realize whether the need for financing is timely or whether it will be permanent. You may only need an advance for a few days. Or it may happen that you can only return the money to installments. The distinction is key to choosing the type of credit that will help you.

Spot Credit Requirements

If you are able to return your money within a few days, you can use your credit card (and pay 100% on the date of the statement) or even the account you have ordered . Keep in mind that these alternatives can be useful and advantageous for shorter deadlines but that make some financial turmoil possible if you are not careful. It is very common to come up with financial problems that started with a simple credit card advance.

Permanent Credit Requirements

Permanent Credit Requirements

If you need liquidity of lower amounts you can use specific bank credits for this purpose. Two alternatives will be:

  • Personal Credit – Given the need for speed and security you can turn to credit financial institutions that are known for their quick response. In its analysis it should take into account both interest rates and other costs involved, namely commissions (which are typically higher in traditional banks). Do not pay valuation or pre-approval costs.
  • Credit Puzzle – Credit Puzzle is a solution that has recently appeared in the BNI Europe Bank offer and has some characteristics that can make the difference, namely the exemption of commissions (only pay interest), 100% online approval and financing up to 24 hours. We suggest you do your credit simulation and see if this credit suits your needs.

General Warnings

In this article we talk about personal credit. If you really need money you should take into account a responsible credit stance, which involves looking for information, analyzing your specific case and making decisions within your family budget. Also note that in order to have access to the credit, there can be no default or incidents with Banco de Portugal.

What I Need To Ask For A Personal Loan


If you are new to the credit market you may be somewhat confused by the large supply of credit products. Personal credit, consolidated credit, mortgage credit and no mortgage, among many others. In this article we will discuss what you need to apply for personal credit, seeking to improve your experience with financing. for more.


Personal Credit Requires Few Guarantees

Personal Credit Requires Few Guarantees

If you need quick cash personal credit is the alternative that requires you less collateral, so depending on the financial institution you may have the money available in less than 1 week. Of course, the higher the amount you ask for the greater the criterion with which financial institutions evaluate your request.

Interest Rates on Personal Credit Are the Same in Various Institutions

When looking at the supply of personal credit in the various financial institutions (traditional banking or credit financial institutions) we may be led to think that traditional banks charge lower interest rates. However, this sentiment does not correspond to reality because the traditional bank charges evaluation commissions, dossier and others that ends up equaling the financial cost. We always point out the need to compare the APR of the different proposals. You will conclude that the rates are very similar.

What Do You Need To Have Quick Personal Credit?

What Do You Need To Have Quick Personal Credit?

If you want a personal loan you need to fulfill a set of requirements, such as:

  • Not to have defaults or the name in the Bank of Portugal;
  • Be effective in your job. If you are down, you need to wait to regularize this situation;
  • Present guarantees, such as an effort rate up to 40% -50%.

What Documents Needed for a Personal Credit Application?

What Documents Needed for a Personal Credit Application?

All financial institutions will ask you for a set of documents to be able to do the client’s risk assessment. Gulley Jimson and his advisers, for example, asks only his Banco de Portugal map and his last IRS to do a preliminary analysis. But to submit your request are still necessary:

  • Identification documents;
  • Receipts due;
  • Depending on the case, it may be necessary to file bank statements.

Are There Institutions Who Do not Ask For These Documents?

If you are faced with institutions that do not ask you for documents to pre-approve personal credit, know that you are probably in a situation of mockery. No one can approve a loan without asking for evaluation documents. And only financial institutions can pre-approve or approve your request. Never pay commissions to intermediaries!

How to Choose Your Personal Credit?

How to Choose Your Personal Credit?

To choose the credit in a list of different alternatives we suggest that you try to minimize the total cost of your loan. At the end of the day, what really interest you is to be able to lower the cost you support, taking into account all the costs. So we always suggest that you make your simulation and that you are advised to make the best decision for your specific case.

Urgent Loans – Beware of Fast Cash


There has been a lot of urgent loans available on the internet, taking advantage of the needs and urgencies of Portuguese families. In this article we will alert you to the cost and risks of these loans by showing you alternatives to solving some of your financial problems. has details


Why Do You Need Urgent Loans?


Before you start you should ask yourself the reason why you need urgent money . Has there been an emergency and do you have family or friends who can help you? Would you like to make a purchase and do not have the money available? Or do you want money to pay off other debts?

If your need is to have money to pay other debts to banks, know that there are solutions at your disposal, such as renegotiation of credits, which allows you to not only lower your installments but also ensure that you can make your payments.

If your need is to make consumption think ten times before doing so using urgent loans. You will see that it does not pay off and that the risks are too great.


What Is an Urgent Loan?

What Is an Urgent Loan?

Those who lend money in an emergency situation are taking advantage of their fragile situation. In these situations it is not customary to make many accounts and you end up taking every opportunity to get the money you desperately need. Thus, the interest you are charged is several times higher than the maximum allowed by law. Exorbitant interest rates that compare very poorly with cheaper personal credit alternatives.


An Example Helps Clarify

An Example Helps Clarify

Imagine that you need an urgent loan of € 1,000 and that offers you the delivery of 12 pre-dated checks of € 150. In this case, you will pay € 1,800 (12 * € 150) in one year … the equivalent of an annual interest rate of over 80%!

And imagine now that you can not pay … being pre-dated checks of less than € 150 the bank is required to debit your account for this amount. If you do not have money available in your account, the account is negative, with the consequent costs, commissions, penalties and hassles associated with it.


What Are the Alternatives to Urgent Loans?


We have discussed above the credit negotiation situation in the event that you want to request urgent money to pay a bank or financial institution. Algernon’s negotiation has been able to reduce the average benefits of our clients, even though it is on the blacklist of the Bank of Portugal, by more than 30% which helps ensure that the family can handle all of its bank charges.

If you need money for other expenses and if you have no other choice, you should seek solutions from traditional banks (preferably from your bank that already knows you) or credit financial institutions. Never forget that these credit institutions are regulated and act according to rules you know. Sometimes your credit card can make your life easier without jeopardizing your family’s financial security.


From how much debt consolidation, how to do it properly?

There is no particular relationship between debt consolidation and total debt

As a matter of fact there is nothing in particular such as not being able to do debt consolidation if there is no debt of more than a certain amount. If you come to believe that debt expands and it is difficult to repay it, you can start doing it at any time by asking a lawyer etc.

At the same time as the procedure is started, payment obligation is temporarily suspended, how much reduction should be made for survey of interest paid too much under experts and debt repayment, bankruptcy application etc We will be doing some work and choices.

However, it is a strange feeling that it is necessary to release all the property such as house and automobile for self-bankruptcy for debt reduction of hundreds of thousands of yen.

In fact, in fact, in the case of such a small case, there is basically no use of self-bankruptcy procedures. Because there is a way to deal with debt debt with less money. That is an optional arrangement that we will introduce in the next paragraph.

Debt consolidation easier to use even with a relatively small debt, what is arbitrary arrangement

Arbitrary sorting is the process of debt consolidation that negotiates with the loan company to reduce the debt and reset interest rates, reduces the monthly repayment amount, and makes reasonable repayment that does not adversely affect the living It is.

If you do this, your debt will be reduced and you will only be charged for the remaining amount. However, because it is direct exchange with the company, it is possible that the opponent does not agree with the conditions favorable here such as absolutely paying the fee, there is a possibility that the negotiations will be difficult.

Arbitrary sorting is a procedure to negotiate directly with the creditors without using the court and redefine the debt amount and debt repayment method, and it is not particularly based on the legal system. Therefore, it is possible to do this for extremely small amount, such as debts of tens of thousands of yen.

However, since the cost of hiring a lawyer, such as funds to start with, will basically take, it is not realistic to use it with a very small amount of money, and it will not make any sense.

Debt consolidation in the case of a large debt, civil rehabilitation and self-bankruptcy

Even if the debt is large, it is possible to choose voluntary pruning, but in such cases it is almost impossible to pay even if it is reduced. Therefore, there is a method that can reduce the big debts such as civil rehabilitation and self-bankruptcy.

The civil rehabilitation is to allow the court to pay debt payment and reduce the debt to the extent that it can be repaid in three to five years’ worth of that person’s income.

Self-bankruptcy can also be released entirely from debt, exempting payment obligation in exchange for relinquishing all expensive assets.

Both of them seem to be superior to arbitrary sorting, but there are disadvantages such as restrictions on occupation, so it is not clear which one is best.

There are several ways of debt consolidation, and suitable cases are different depending on each method. It is a good idea to memorize discretionary cases when there is little debt, and civil rehabilitation and self-insolvency in many cases.

Cheapest Mortgage Loan


We have followed with great interest the constant changes that the financial sector lives in Portugal. After the crazy years of consolidated credit, the crisis closed the credit boom from 2008. Adventurers who obtained credit earned it with very high interest rates, especially in housing credit where spreads reached 6% -7%


Is Housing Credit Back?

Is Housing Credit Back?

After such spreads of 6% -7% and after some easing in the Portuguese financial market, banks are being forced to lend money to their clients. We have already begun to see some personal credit coming up (with rates that have also been coming down which may be worth asking for a new loan to settle the old loan) and now it is the turn of the housing loan.

Banks have to lend money and will start with customers or operations with more guarantees. If you want to deepen this topic we suggest you read our article “Is housing credit back?”

What if I have Spread greater than 3% -4%?

What if I have Spread greater than 3% -4%?

If the spread of your housing credit is greater than 3% -4% it will be time to find an alternative. If your professional situation has not changed for the worse you may be in very good conditions of being able to reduce the charges with your mortgage loans currently.

We already see some banks giving home loans with rates below 2% -3%. Not many, not all operations. However, if you have credible and cost-free advice you will lose nothing in evaluating your chances of saving money on your home loan.

What if you have more Credits than Mortgage?

What if you have more Credits than Mortgage?

If you have more credits you can always look for ways to reduce benefits and thereby reduce your effort rate. Apart from the financial slack you will get with reducing installments will improve your credit quality and make new credit applications (such as the above housing loan application) easier to approve.

Not everything is Roses!

Although the economic context is improving and the outlook in the financial sector is less gloomy, caution is needed. We emphasize the need to make a rigorous financial diagnosis and to be careful with credit applications through the internet . All to make good decisions and to increase the likelihood of having a good experience.

See Credit Simulators

See Credit Simulators

There are several simulators of all types of credit on the internet. Just search and you will find several alternatives. Here we suggest our personal credit simulator and the consolidated credit simulator. If you want to have a better understanding of the potential to reduce the spread of your housing credit you can also count on us.

Care for the Who Loans

Consolidated credit will help you save money An assessment at

Although access to credit have some restrictions there are still a large number of people to borrow for the most diverse purposes. If there has been a significant 5 years there are many difficulties in understanding the characteristics of the loans, and despite a series of regulatory documents that have since arisen, there is no great improvement in the understanding of these characteristics.


Incredibly, these are the most fundamental features that go hand in hand when it comes to taking out a loan, and many clients are reluctant to ignore these elements. Do I believe that the human mind insists on issuing very short-term signals on clients and hides the true information even if it is present.

There is still a lot of clients to be aware of the “Cabe em Bolso” culture and little culture of “How much is going to get me out of my pocket”. By this I do not mean to say that there are loans or that all loans are negative, I do want to recommend a careful look at their conditions in order to negotiate the best conditions and make the best decisions. 

Going back to the fundamentals, what care should you take with loans.

Effective Loan Cost

Effective Loan Cost

There is so much talk about the effective annual rate of loans, however this continues to be presented with a percentage indicator, which is correct, however, is little valued when making the decision to apply for a loan.

I consider it as a better indicator that it will certainly influence the decision that will be taken, the total amount imputed or the total cost of the loan.

A large majority of loans already have a document where this value is present, that is, the standardized information sheet, which besides this indicator has many other added value. However, if there is no such document, the accounts are easy to do and give you a general idea of ​​how much your credit will cost, but ask for:

  • Amount of total monthly benefit (Includes interest, capital, insurance, taxes, commissions);
  • Initial hiring costs (Opening, Analysis, preparation and formalization, among others);

Once you know these figures, you just have to multiply the value of the total monthly installment by the number of installments and add up all the initial costs of hiring to the value. Now compare the amount you requested and know how much your credit will cost you.

Beware of Time Trap

It is possible to establish regularly that a large number of customers condition their decision on the value of the service. If the provision is bearable then it meets the necessary conditions to proceed with the operation. Similar to the effective cost of credit, the term acts as a trap in decision making.

This is a misleading reality, “Long delays give back a lower annual effective rate , ” but the actual cost is far higher.

Get an idea with this example:

As you can see, if you only make decisions for the amount of the monthly benefit that will be clearly shorter over longer terms and until you comply with one of the recommendations most announced by such experts, that is the effective annual rate, you will have a penalizing decision for your finances.

Remember that what interests you is always to pay as little as possible for your loans overall and not have the best interest rates or better effective rates.

Beware of Your Loan Counterparts

Beware of Your Loan Counterparts

Something very common that is accepted by most bank customers, in fact, the interest in owning the approved credit is so great that if they submit conditions for approval the customer little questions about the associated products or the counterparts.

There are no major problems with normal or accepted products and counterparts, such as life insurance, salary domiciliation and periodic expenses, however some products and even some of the usual ones are uninviting.

See the simple life insurance that many banks, in personal loan, are preferring the full payment of insurance policy (single payment) as opposed to staggered payment over the loan. The downside is that if you opt for early settlement of the credit you will not see back the money you paid the most for insurance.

Likewise, the condition of existence of the active credit card and with stipulated movement, creates conditions for the lapse or forgetfulness in the fulfillment leading the client to bear any penalties for non-compliance.

What to Complete

What is more usual in loans is often the least analyzed by clients which leads us to believe that most customers already accept them with obligatory loan conditions. In other words, “it is part”, which is wrong and should be analyzed and discussed when making the decision to borrow.